Thursday, July 16, 2009

Figure Skating

I just realize that I never commented on the World Championships. I meant to but I forgot. I was so thrilled that Yu-na Kim finally won the world title.

However, I want to comment on what's been going on lately. As many people know Michelle Kwan is going to be skating at Yu-na's show in August. I'm really looking forward to seeing the youtube videos from the show.. However, I'm hoping that this doesn't mean that Michelle will be coming back to competitive skating.

This may sound bad, but personally I'm really hating the idea of Shen and Zhao, Plushenko, Cohen, and Kwan's returns. Its not that I cannot handle a comeback, I just don't like the idea of the comeback being for the Olympics only. I don't want the Olympic Champion to be someone or a couple who hasn't competed for the entire quad. It doesn't sit right for me...

This is especially the case with the US women. We only have two spots this year. This is because of the idiotic judging at the US Natioanls, which kept Caroline Zhang off the team, and gave the championship to Alissa Czisny. Alissa landed only three triples in the free skate at that competition, and she was a known headcase. Sure Flatt and Zhang aren't particularly exciting. But both girls are decent competitors and I felt they'd probably place well at Worlds. I was right about Rachael, she placed fifth. But because Allisa placed way worse, we only got two spots for the Olympics.

I'd be horrified if one of Rachael/Caroline places third and doesn't get to go to the Olympics. I think one of the Olympic spots should really go to a youngster.

I'm tired of the partisan bickering

Even though I clearly was not a huge fan of President Bush. I did not vote for Obama, for a variety of reasons. Primarly because I'm pro life. However, I must say that I'm really getting tired of all of the partistan bickering. It never stops! I feel like there are things that Obama does that if a Republican President did, the Obama critics would be thrilled.

I cannot forget that while they are screaming about Obama's spending, so many were quiet with George W Bush's ridiculous spending. I just feel like people should be reasonable and fair. Judge someone's actions fairly, instead of looking for something to criticize.

For example, I studied Middle Eastern History a bit in college, and since I know a little bit about Iran. (Let's be clear a little bit) I was thrilled with how President Obama handled the Iranian crisis. The government there loves to use the US government boogie man, and so Obama essentially made it a lot more difficult to do so..

However, even though Obama used a lot of wisdom, he still got criticism from the usual suspects.

I just wish people would look at the issues fairly instead of looking at it through their partisan glasses.

Healthy Lifestyles

I'm sure that a lot of us are interested in living more healthy life styles. Personally, it's something that I know I should be doing, but I haven't been very diligent about this in my own personal life.

However, I found a great blog called Healthy Fellow which is all about living a more healthy lifestyle. This site is all about promoting wellness. So there are articles about travel supplements, diets, to warnings about mint tea, and even an article about Animal Assited Therapy! The animal assisted therapy article is definetly my favorite article so far. I have three cats, and I have to admit they bring a lot of joy to one's life.

Healthy Fellows is a great blog that everyone should check out. Of course one should always consult their doctors especially before taking suppliments.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank God President Bush is Going

I did not vote for Obama in November. Reluctantly, I voted for McCain; however, I am so glad that President Bush will be leaving office.

He is in my opinion one of the worst President's we have ever had. I mean he

1. Took us to an unjust war

2. In many ways destroyed our economy.

3. Spent like a drunken Sailor.

I'm seriously curious, can anyone name a President who is worse than George W Bush?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel and Palestinians

I wanted to make some comments about the Israelis and the Palestinians because well, it's a subject that has touched my heart for some time...

For some background information, I grew up as an Evangelical Christian. I was taught that God gave that land to the Jews, and that's that. Also, my stepmother is Jewish, so that's another connection I have...

However, in the back of my mind, when I would hear these facts, I would ask myself... But is that fair? Would God really expel a group of people from a land that they've been living in for years and years, because they are the wrong religion????

Now, yes there are some versus in the Old Testament that mention the Caananites being driven out, by the Caananites were comitting specific crimes like child sacrifice etc, the Palestinians weren't doing this.

I guess my answer is NO. I don't think the creation of Isreal was right. Please don't get me wrong, I get the situation at the time, many Jewish refugees had no where to go, but for that I blame Europe and America, but why exactly did the Palestinians have to pay for the Holocaust.

I'm just tired of people justifying the way the Palestinians have been treated, and they have been treated horribly... Terrorist and non Terrorist Palestinian alike, they are denied freedom of access, basic water rights, rights to decent education... When it comes to the killing far more Palestinians have died...In a lot of cases Palestinian homes can be torn down, if the Israeli army so decides.. It's horrifying to think about it. Did you know there are Jewish only roads in the occupied territories?...This is wrong, it's frankly immoral.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing terrorism, or the Palestinians electing Hamas. But what I am trying to say that if you were in the Palestinian situation, can you honestly say that you wouldn't become a terrorist too? Can you honestly say that You wouldn't want Israel gone? And would your desire to see Israel gone really be because of anti-semetism and instead be a direct reaction to the way you've been treated for the past 60 years?

And I know people say well the Palestinians should have accepted the 1948 borders. Well, why the heck should they have? They were living in the land, the Jewish immigrants were mostly new (even if the Palestinian immigrants were new, so where the Jewish ones too) They owned the majority of the land (see the UN) And were the majority of the people for a long, long time.

So why shouldn't the Palestinians say "heck no" to a Jewish State being built in the land where they live... After all they weren't Jewish, and wouldn't that make them effectively second class citizens. Once again if you were in that situation wouldn't you say "heck no!" Surely as the majority at that time, shouldnt' they have had first dibs on making a government, since they had been living there all that time.

Now, Isreal exists and the majority of Isrealis were born there, the Palestinians have to accept this. But Israelis have to take a long hard look and recognize that the Palestinians were grieviously injured as does frankly the international community.

Until Israel and the rest of the World Community is willing to recognize their major role in the Palestinian situation, and until apologies and reperations are made...I can't see how this is solved.

But I'm tired of the Palestinians being treated like sub humans, or people who have this irrational hatred. No they don't, they have every reason to be angry. You'd be angry too if you were in that situation...

I want to make it clear that I'm not okaying terrorism. It's not right to kill innocent civilians like groups like Hamas does. But what I'm trying to point out is that the State of Israel is not some innocent victim in this mess. When you treat a group of people like animals, corner them, and abuse them, eventually they will strike.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Chinese Olympic Team Announced (In order)

Cheng Fei
Yang Yilin
Jiang Yuyuan
He Kexin
Li Shanshan
Deng Linlin

I think this is a great team.. It's composed of three good All Arounders Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan, and Deng Linlin and three specialists, which I think is really ideal.

My Team Final Rosters as of now

Vault- Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan, and Cheng Fei

Bars-Jiang Yuyuan, Yang Yilin, and He Kexin

Beam (most likely Cheng Fei, but Yang Yilin is an option) Cheng/Yang, Deng, Li Shanshan

Floor- Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan, Cheng Fei

What I like about this team is everyone has a place. It also contains a favorite for every Event Final.

Plus, they have 2 All Arounders, Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan who could factor into the All Around. You can see my post below, which shows how much I think the Yang Yilin especially is a threat..

This being said this Chinese team is replacable. There was a lot of debate about the last two spots (Li Shanshan/Deng)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yang Yilin: Future Olympic All Around Champion: Serious Possibility

First of all prayers for those all Iowans, including Shawn Johnson's and her coach as they deal with this horrific crisis going on It's a horrific thing.

But on a lighter note...

There's a new all around threat... She might not be getting talked about, she might not have the hype. But this girl has the routines, and is posting the numbers which could make her the top Girl in Beijing. And the best thing about her position, is she'll have little to no expectations.

Her Name:

Yang Yilin of China. (Who'd you think I was talking about Jiang Yuyuan!) Of course Jiang has a shot to but not the shot Yang has.

Now last year Yang did the All Around, and she went 4/4 but she didn't medal because she didn't have the difficulty. However, times change and gymnasts can upgrade. And boy has Yang upgraded.

She's now got a 7.7 bar routine, a DTY vault, and much harder floor and beam routines. Now, the thing is though that except for Chinese Nationals (which she didn't win because of a big mistake on bars although she won Prelims) we haven't been able to see Yang do beam or vault. And while she got nice numbers there, it was clear that Chinese Nationals was well inflated.

Well, we can guess no more because Yang has competed at French Nationals today (and was 2 freaking points better than her next competition Jiang Yuyuan)

As for Yang's scores

15.125 Vault
16.650 Bars
15.750 Beam

With numbers like these she could win the Olympics. And the scary thing is she has room for improvement. She stepped out of bounds on floor, and she's gotten higher scores on bars internationally..

Nobody will probably be mentioning Yang Yilin's name as an All Around threat. But if she hits like this at the Olympics, she's on the Medal stand.. And it could even possibly be Gold.